Urban Lab in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Principal Investigator

Alexander Eckerhart Urban, PhD

Alexander Eckehart Urban, PhD | Profile »
Email » [aeurban]

Postdoctoral Fellows

Kasey Davis, PhD

Kasey Davis, PhD | Profile »
Email » [kaseyd]

Carolin Purmann, PhD

Carolin Purmann, PhD | Profile »
Email » [purmann]

Xiaowei Zhu, PhD

Xianglong Zhang, PhD | Profile »
Email » [xzhang8]

Xiaowei Zhu, PhD

Bo Zhou, PhD
Email » [bo.zhou]

Graduate Students

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward
Email » [wardtr]

Thomas Ward

Siming Zhang
Email » [simingz]


Xiaowei Zhu, PhD

Xiaowei Zhu, PhD | Profile »
Email » [xwzhu]

Steve Ho

Steve Ho

Reenal Pattni

Reenal Pattni
Email » [reenal]

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

Marcus Ho

Marcus Ho
Email » [marcusho]

Affiliated Scholars

Agnes Kalinowski

Agnes Kalinowski, MD, PhD
Resident in Psychiatry, PGY-3
Email » [akalinow]


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